Meet the Results Washington Team working together to Make Government More Human

"Love is not just confined to a personal experience. Love can also create the professional conditions that open the door to our greatest contributions and most generative collaborations."

Renee Smith Head Shot (2).jpg

Renée Smith

Director of Workplace Transformation at Results Washington

Ayanna Colman

Senior Performance Adviser at Results Washington and Co-Host of A Human Workplace Olympia and Blogger

Jessica Dang Headshot

Jessica Dang

Senior Design Strategist at Results Washington

Denise Headshot 1.jpg


Workplace Transformation Intern and Guest Blogger, Fall 2018

Head shot of Jeannie Macnab

Jeannie Macnab

Workplace Transformation Intern, Winter and Spring 2019

Justin Chan surrounded by children smiling

Justin Chan

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Administrator at DSHS DDA and Co-Host of A Human Workplace Olympia

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