It's 2019.

iT’S PAST time to decrease fear and increase love at work.


After all, we are people, working with people, serving people. We are not cogs or machines or objects or even resources. We are human. And we humans are at our best when we are psychologically safe. This basic acceptance, respect, and sense of belonging is a state of love, one of two primary human emotional conditions. The other is fear, which brings on rejection, indifference, alienation, worry, withdrawal, anger, uncertainty. 

When we feel loved, cared for, and respected, we settle in. We feel safe, committed, and at ease to be ourselves. And then we humans do incredible things...

We serve, we invent, we collaborate. We solve, we contribute, we improve. 

We all fundamentally want to know what we are doing matters. Building a loving, human-centered workplace creates the conditions to give and be and do our very best! Why wouldn’t we want to create a human workplace?

Welcome to a global movement to make work more human!

To advance this movement, A Human Workplace provides a unique set of resources to support human-centered culture transformation, including…

  • A Human Workplace Gatherings

  • Love and Fear Stories Research

  • Story Portal: Share your Love and Fear Stories

  • Make Work More Human Blog

  • Curated Resources for A Human Workplace

  • Keynote Talks, Training Workshops, and Consulting

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A Human Workplace Gatherings

What is A Human Workplace gathering? Well, A Human Workplace isn’t a meeting but you’ll meet others. It isn’t a training but you’ll learn. And it isn’t a workshop but you’ll work on some things! Gatherings of A Human Workplace are local, in-person events that bring together like-minded people to meaningfully connect and then to practice being human at work. And yes, after years of suppressing our humanity at work under the guise of “being professional” we need practice bringing humanity to the workplace.

Learn more about this unique event and what people are saying. Find a gathering in your area or learn how to start A Human Workplace gathering in your community or organization. Learn about and be inspired by other gatherings of A Human Workplace.

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Story Portal: Share your stories of love and fear

Image of a person in a kayak paddling alone in a cave with light streaming in through an opening behind.

We believe stories are powerful. They connect us. They reach us. They teach us. They help us learn more about what it means to be human.

A Human Workplace is founded on insights from stories. We asked people to share their stories of times when they felt afraid at work and times when they felt loved at work. They did and their stories demonstrated the high cost of fear and the immense benefits of love for employees, organizations, and the people served.

Story tellers found it healing to tell their stories. They expressed having a sense of validation, support, relief, and resolution from telling their stories, especially the painful ones.

Now, you can participate in this important project to reshape the way we think about work by sharing your story too through the Story Portal!

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Our Love and Fear Research

Two hikers walking on the edge of a hill with grass and flowers covering the landscape and cloudy sky in the background.

A Human Workplace is based on primary research conducted through interviews to gain insights into what people are really experiencing in the workplace and how we can make workplaces more human. This qualitative research began with a series of 50 interviews conducted by Renée Smith, Founder of A Human Workplace.

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Read the Blog “Make Work More Human”

What We Do for Organizations (and how we started)

Keynote talks, Training workshops, and consulting

Find support for a human-centered workplace including key-note talks, training workshops, and organizational consulting to support the loving, human-centered growth of your team or organization.

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Washington State’s Human-Centered Culture Program

The State of Washington is transforming state government workplaces to make government more human.

Learn more about the program at Results Washington.

Our origin Story

One conversation can change everything. Learn about the conversation that planted the seed for A Human Workplace.

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Calendar of Events

Resources for A Human Workplace

articles, Websites, TED talks, poetry, podcasts, research and More

Check out these curated resources that offer ideas, inspiration, evidence, and practices to support making work more human.


Read the blog: “Everywhere I Go.”