Start Your Week With Love

After I began to research, write, and speak about love at work, I happily found many others talking about love too. Sometimes the love they talk about takes the form of empathy or safety or respect. But these are all expressions of love, one of two primary human emotions. And you the Human Workplace Community started seeing love everywhere too. You send me “love links” and I love that.

This week I’m traveling and still writing my next blog, “When Humans Aren’t the Center,” (wrestling really to say what I want to say in this piece.) So in the meantime, this morning from my Air BNB in Nashville, I want to share a few links with you to start your week with love in the form of happiness, collaboration, and straight up love from the CEO of one of the most successful companies on the planet. Have a loving week!

Yale’s Most Popular Class Ever: Happiness from the NY Times. Learn why almost 1,200 students took Laurie Santos’s “Psychology and the Good Life,” at Yale.

How Collaboration Wins: Leadership benefits and best practices from Harvard Business Review. “If you don’t have an organization where people feel the ability to be vulnerable, to be empathetic, to be themselves, then you are not going to have collaboration,” says Jacob Morgan, Head of the Future Organization.

“I Love You, Howard Behar”: Howard Schultz Pays Tribute to Former Starbucks President in Heartfelt Speech from Seattle Business. Love in the workplace: Howard Schultz says it's what the world needs more of.

Have you read or listened to anything recently that inspires you to create a more loving and human-centered workplace? Please comment and share!