You have stories of love and fear. We invite you to share them with us.

To better understand the impacts of fear and of love in workplaces, we, Renée Smith and Marcel Schwantes, are teaming up to collect 500 stories through this Story Portal. We hope you’ll share your story too.

Why? Because we believe stories are one of the most compelling ways to open up a better understanding of the consequences or harmful workplace norms so many are working under today as well as learning what works. Your story will help us convince leaders and teams of the importance of being human-centered and practical ways to do just that.

Added benefit: When you share your stories, you deepen your insights and self awareness. You have the opportunity to honor positive experiences and resolve painful ones. Past participants have told us that telling their stories is very cathartic and freeing.

How It Works

Click on the link below, and you’ll be guided step by step to tell us about a time when you felt afraid at work and a time when you felt loved at work. Loved to you might mean care, respect, trust, empathy, kindness, inclusion, appreciation or some other quality. You’ll share some demographic information, contact information in case we have questions, and agree to our use of your stories. We’ll remind you not to include identifying details in your story.

What We Will Do

When we receive your submitted story, we will let you know that we’ve read it, and thank you for sharing it with us! We will learn from it by itself as well as consider it in the aggregate with other stories to find themes and insights about the impacts of fear and love at work. We may post all or part of your story, without any sort of identifying information, on a new Love and Fear Story page to build a compelling case for decreasing fear and increasing love in the workplace.

By sharing your story you will contribute to a growing body of insights demonstrating that a loving, human-centered approach is the best way to lead, to team, and to work in the 21st Century! Your stories will help help others learn how to make work more human.