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Creating a more human workplace begins with a disruption in business-as-usual thinking, followed by a safe exploration of what’s happening now and what’s possible. Then teams can choose new ways of working together that are more loving and less fearful. They can chart a course to high-performance that’s also good for people, because those two things go together.

Ready to explore the importance of decreasing fear and increasing love at work? Ready to transform your workplace to be more human-centered? Need practical advice and guidance to figure out how to put more love in action in your work or on your team?

A Human Workplace is a program in the Results Washington Office and we are here to help. We offer resources and support to help your state government workplace to become more human-centered with a growing menu of interactive workshops, leadership coaching, facilitated team conversations, employee engagement options, and internal story-telling. Using these resources as a beginning point, we collaborate with you to create a pathway with steps that fit your needs to develop your leaders, team, or entire state agency to be a human-centered workplace.

For more information contact Renée Smith, Director of Workplace Transformation, Results Washington at or 360-764-3166.

We work with you to identify the right mix of assessment, coaching, facilitated conversations, internal communication, employee engagement strategies and interactive workshops to strengthen your human workplace. we partner with you and any internal resources to make this come to life!

Sample of Workshops

In addition to the sample described below, other workshop topics include: Empathy, Diversity and Inclusion, Bring Your Whole Self to Work, Leading a Human Workplace, Exploring the Science of Awe, Poetry to Inspire Public Service, and Human-centered Design for Public Servants.

Make Work More Human – This foundational talk explores what it takes to create a government workplace where the public is satisfied and public servants can truly thrive. It takes a radical transition from a fearful workplace to a loving workplace. Love? Yes love. In government? Yes in government. Based on insights from 50+ research interviews, focus group feedback, and sharing practical experiences of real leaders and teams, learn how your state agency or team can better deliver exceptional value for customers and create an engaged workforce. This session provides practical guidance to create a workplace where team members have a deeply gratifying work experience and deliver exceptional value for customers.  (60-120 min)

How to Make Work More Human – Start with the disruptive idea of love not fear and take a deeper dive into breakout activities and facilitated dialogues for participants to engage, reflect, discuss and find practical ways to make work more human for their daily work and team. (2-3 hours)

What’s at the Center of Your Work? – Every day in every organization and team, for every person, something is at the center of work. Something is most important and that something drives every other decision and action about everything else. A Human Workplace advocates for putting people at the center, but what else could we put there? What else do we put there? A whole lot of other things apparently. And all of those other things have serious implications for the workplace, for the people doing the work, and for the customers served. In this workshop participants dive into a new model for understanding what we choose to be centered on at work and the impacts of those choices. Through reflection and discussion, you will contribute to this new model and expand thinking about the deep importance of being human-centered and the consequences when we are not. (2 hours)

Does Love Belong at Work? - In this workshop, explore the concept of love at work and the many types of love that are part of being human and essential for success at work. Through stories, reflection, and dialogue, together we will better understand loving experiences that support our best contributions, surprising innovations, and effective collaborations. We aren't talking about romantic love, but love expressed in empathy, care, respect, trust, altruism, inclusion, kindness, and friendship. This workshop builds on the concepts introduced in Make Work More Human and helps participants to explore the different kinds of love that are appropriate for the workplace and that in fact we need in order to thrive and achieve performance. (2 hours)

Putting Love in Action at Work – More love and less fear at work is a big and inspiring idea. But what does it really mean? What can I do as a leader or as a team member to put love in action in my work each day? This workshop explores the many challenges and choices we face in our work, opportunities to respond in fear or in love. Consider common fear-based responses, and then identify love-based alternatives that take into consideration the well-being of all the people in a system. Understand the difference between accountability and responsibility. Love does not mean being soft and permissive, but putting love in action with high commitment considers all team members as well as customers and stakeholders. Engage in reflection and dialogue to develop insights for responding with love not fear, with practical application to your current challenges. (2-4 hours)

Running the Business of Government – Ask anyone who has ever been a leader at any level of government, and they will tell you it’s complex, demanding, and stressful work. Of course that’s not unique to government. According to the Marlin Company’s Attitudes in the American Workplace VII Annual Labor Day Survey, 82% of workers report that they are at least a little stressed, and nearly 73% of workers say they would NOT want their boss’s job! Why is work so stressful? Most organizations have one or more of these culprits festering at the root of work stress: a lack of organizational identity, dysfunctional waste-laden processes, untapped worker capability, completely missing methods to tell if teams or the whole organization is winning or losing, and something other than humans being at the center of the organization’s mindset and culture.

This workshop helps leaders discover how to run the business of government. Using a simple but effective and human-centered framework to understand the 5 key responsibilities of a leader, you will move from stressed out to creating a way of working that delivers value to customers over the long-term. This interactive workshop includes instruction, self-assessment, reflection, dialogue, and guidance for leading in government, cutting through the stress, understanding what’s important, and choosing what to focus on next. Walk away with your own assessment and actionable plan you can keep coming back to again and again to determine what to do next as you run the business of government. (4-8 hours)

Talks and workshops coming soon...

January 24, 2018 - Webcast presentation of “Make Work More Human” for the Lean Government Summit, live from Olympia to Ottawa, Canada.

March 11, 2018 - Governor’s Distinguished Management Association Leadership Forum.

March 26-28, 2019 - The Lean Enterprise Institute’s Lean Summit 2019, Houston, TX, offering a full-day workshop on The Human-Centered Workplace and a learning session, Make Work More Human.