Podcasts Featuring A Human Workplace

Leadership With Heart Podcast with Heather Younger, Episode #51: Leaders with heart promote love in the workplace - February 19, 2019

In this episode, Heather speaks with Renee Smith about her leadership journey, her innovative approach to infusing love into government, her challenges as a leader and some very clear ways that leaders can show more love and care for the people we lead. Key takeaways:

  • Once we eliminate fear in the workplace, we increase love.

  • When we bring more humanity into the workplace we increase performance

  • We need to invite people to be more real at work

  • Emotional responses need to be more understood

  • We need to get comfortable leading our people through emotional circumstances to build more trust

  • Help your team feel loved and cared for and create a family atmosphere

A Higher Purpose Podcast with Kevin Monroe, Episode #80: Make Work More Human - February 5, 2019

“I've discovered that the bolder and braver I am about love belonging in the workplace, the bolder and braver people are about standing up for love too. We know all too well the impacts of fear in the workplace. It’s time to discover the impacts of love.” In this second conversation with Kevin Monroe on the Higher Purpose Podcast, Renee Smith goes deeper into what it takes to make work more human. Listen on your favorite podcast player or online here.

GEMBA ACADEMY PODCAST #241 “live” at the Association for manufacturing excellence conference WITH RON PEREIRA

As part of his live AME San Diego 2018 (Association for Manufacturing Excellence International Conference) podcast series, Ron Pereira, co-founder and partner at Gemba Academy interviewed Results Washington’s Renée Smith for Episode #241 called, “How to Make Work More Human.” In the podcast Renée turned the tables and asks Ron to share an experience with love and fear. His compelling and very human story gives insights into the potential we all have to really change lives. Listen here.

A Higher Purpose Podcast with Kevin Monroe: Episode #50

In July 2018 Renée sat down with Kevin Monroe on the Higher Purpose Podcast and talked about our experiences with how to Make Work More Human and the surprising research findings about FEAR and LOVE in the workplace. Check out their conversation on iTunes or your favorite podcast player or listen from your browser and get all the show notes here

Gemba Academy Podcast #191 with Ron Pereira

In November 2017 Ron Pereira spoke with Renée Smith on the Gemba Academy Podcast Episode 191, "How to reflect on the roles of fear and love in continuous improvement."

Since then we've heard from people all over the world, Canada, Australia, the UK, Spain, and New Zealand. who listened to this podcast and responded with enthusiasm. The message of less fear and indifference and more love and safety at work is universal and core to what it is to be human. Lean organizations everywhere are striving to create a workplace where employees continually learn and grow so that they can solve problems, discover new solutions, and create amazing results for customers. That growth happens when the workplace is physically and psychologically safe though still challenging. This balance of both safety and discomfort happens best when we feel loved.

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