Register Now for March’s A Human Workplace Olympia

March 22 from 10 a.m. - 12 p.m. join us at the Helen Sommers Building 106-11th Ave SW, Suite G015, Olympia for an experiential workshop on, “Advocacy and Allyship: Bringing Out The Love In Moments Of Fear”

A key part of work life is our daily interactions with coworkers. We have typical conversations about the work itself, then we also have experiences with each other in the break room or during a lunch walk. These shared moments can bring joy and collegiality to our work. But what happens when a conversation or an experience ends up hurting or offending someone? How do we respond to incidents when we are insulted? What should we do when we observe someone else being hurt by remarks or actions?

For the March gathering of A Human Workplace Olympia, we explore what it feels like to experience words and actions that cause some level of fear, even if we are in a generally positive, even loving environment.

Ayanna Colman, Senior Peformance Adviser with Results Washington, will lead this gathering. Ayanna will present information regarding workplace micro-aggressions often experienced by marginalized communities (women, people of color, people of different faiths, immigrants, LGBTQ individuals, etc). She will share the challenges and barriers that marginalized groups may face in the workplace.

Then she will lead us through various scenarios to discuss our reactions as well as to explore options for responding as an ally when someone is uncomfortable, hurt, or something doesn't feel quite right. We will wrap up our session thinking about resources and tools we can use to overcome those moments of fear to bring about a more loving work environment. Walk away better prepared to create a more human workplace for all!

For more information and registration check out the event here.