Meet up

June 22 Human Workplace Meet Up in Olympia

Registration for the next Human Workplace Meet Up in Olympia is now open for June 22nd from 10 a.m. - 12 p.m. to explore Empathy and Diversity.

A human workplace is a diverse workplace where ALL team members are welcomed to bring their unique ideas and perspectives. When people know their contributions count, they are more engaged, more loyal and do amazing things for customers and for their teams.

Diversity makes a difference in outcomes too. Research has shown that diversity impacts innovation, market share, client awareness, and whose ideas are endorsed. But we also know that implicit biases, those attitudes and stereotypes outside our conscious knowledge, can cause us to prefer or discriminate against others in ways that contradict our conscious values.

These are complicated issues but they are crucial issues, so A Human Workplace is coming together in June with safety and respect to begin to learn and understand more about diversity.

Join us on June 22 for A Human Workplace Meet Up to explore how we can use empathy as a way to appreciate the diversity of others.

Through stories, reflections, and guided activities we will practice curiosity, listening from the heart, respect, sitting with discomfort, and self-management. Gain insights into the unique experiences of others as well as things we share in common.

Feel free to forward this invitation to others, but please register to RSVP because space is limited.

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