A Human Workplace: Olympia announces September 28th Gathering

Join us in Olympia to explore, discuss, learn and share what it means to make work more human with increased love and decreased fear. We meet monthly in person in Olympia. 

Next gathering is September 28, 2018, from 10 a.m. - 12 noon at 1500 Jefferson St SE in Olympia, WA, for an interactive workshop Exploring Empathy and Inclusion

A Human Workplace should be an inclusive workplace that deeply values people and works to make sure that all people know their full participation is welcomed and needed.

At this gathering we will continue to explore practical applications of empathy by taking a deep dive into the topic of Inclusion. What is inclusion? Why is it essential? How do we create an inclusive workplace?

Join together with other public servants (and perhaps a few guests from the private sector!) where we will:

  • Meet and connect meaningfully with colleagues
  • Learn about inclusion
  • Practice new skills to help create inclusion
  • Decide how to apply these insights on the job
  • Gain encouragement to make work more human

To attend, please sign up here to reserve your seat. Hope to see you there!