A Human Workplace Olympia's June 28th Gathering

Join us for the June 28th gathering of A Human Workplace Olympia at Helen Sommers Building from 10 am to 12 pm. Registration is available here.

Psychological safety is the underpinning of all other success factors in organizations, so it is crucial that leaders and teams deeply understand it. Based on the research and teachings of Harvard University’s Dr. Amy Edmondson, we will explore what psychological safety is, it's impact on teams in the workplace, and behaviors that create and maintain psychological safety with others.

Through instruction and activities join with colleagues from government and the private sector to better understand what psychological safety is, how to create it, how to repair it, and more. Using participants' experiences and dialogue, form insights into the practice of psychological safety to use in our teams. This will be a thought-provoking and highly interactive experience.

Register today to reserve your seat for this gathering. When you register, your email will be added to the mailing list for A Human Workplace. 

We welcome all participants; please let us know if you need accommodations. Email Renee.Smith@gov.wa.gov with your speicific needs. Thank you and we look forward to you joining this gathering!