Next Meeting of A Human Workplace Olympia is December 14

The next gathering of A Human Workplace Olympia will be December 14 from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. at the Helen Sommers Building in Olympia.

The topic will be: Bring Your Whole Self to Work.

In a truly Human Workplace, every one of us is valued for our diverse identities, experiences, and interests. Those things are not separate from our work because we are not seaparte from our work. These infuse our work with unique insights and contributions. 

But it can be really hard for us to see these links for our own work and for others, especially when we are told by society to separate the personal from the professional. Consider...

What do you bring into your work from growing up in the South or from your Hispanic heritage or from having a disabled brother?

What insights come from your skills at canning or spelunking or training horses?

What books are you reading, what films are you watching, what music are you listening to that inspire how you work?

In this experiential workshop, join us to explore identities, experiences, and interests as sources of brilliance and contributions. Through individual, paired, and small group activities, reflect on and identify how these inform your way of working, and then value the contributions that come from this diversity for yourself and for others.

See more clearly the value we get by bringing our full selves to work and of welcoming others to do the same.

RSVP by registering here to reserve your place in the workshop.