Love and Fear Stories

Fear Story from an I.T. Manager:

“Did you see the negative impact of fear in your work?”

“Yes, upper management could really put fear into middle managers. I saw projects being handed down and people didn’t understand the scope of what upper management wanted. This caused fear throughout the project. But the project scope was huge and the project wasn’t clearly defined. There was a lot of fear from not getting clarity. You can only do the best you can do with what you know. But the information wasn’t given correctly…. There was fear of not knowing exactly what they wanted.”

Love Story from an I.T. Manager

“I think feeling like you belong is one of the most important things in the world.”

Fear story from a School Secretary

“I worked at a school and one morning the fire alarm went off. It wasn’t a false alarm; there was an actual fire. Six staff worked to get 400 kids out of the building and lined up on the field. And then it fell to us to make sure the kids reached their parents and got home safely, all in a time before cell phones. Throughout the process the principal was in her car with a walkie-talkie while the secretaries worked to reunite every child with a parent. It took 45 minutes for a district rep to get there when it should’ve taken five. It was then that I realized that they didn’t care for us as people. At work it had been difficult, I love to be happy and greet people but my principal was very passive aggressive. He grilled me, questioned me on obscure things I’d said days before, and snapped my bra strap that was showing. My days during this period of time wee fearful. It was like walking on eggshells all the time. But with the fire, I realized, wow, they really don’t care for us as people! There was never an emphasis on bettering yourself or others; not much appreciation,”

“Immediately after the fire, the district told us to go back in and continue to work, even though there was 4 inches of water and the flame-retardant chemicals in the environment. Four-five months after the fire I had a neurological reaction to the chemicals. I thought I was having a stroke.”