In Seattle at June Baby Part 2

Sitting on the other side of me at the counter at JuneBaby, I chat with a young Black woman vacationing in the beautiful PNW. She asks what I do, and when I tell her I advocate for more love and less fear in the workplace she responds, "Oh wow. We need that in healthcare! The healthcare system that I work in is so full of fear and intimidation."

I ask if she is a physician and she is. She's an anesthesiologist.

We talk for a long time about what it is like to work in healthcare as a woman, as a person of color, as a clinician. She describes how people informally cope and try to support each other. A lot of time and effort go in to helping mitigate such a threatening environment. She describes the high toll it takes on people. Burnout is rampant. There's a critical need for a better way of working in healthcare if the needs of patients are going to be met.

Everywhere I go I meet people who resonate with the need for more love and less fear in their work. 

Everywhere I Go.