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A Human Workplace Olympia Meets for July 26 Gathering

A Human Workplace Olympia meets July 26th from 10 a.m. – 12 p.m. at the Helen Sommers Building, 106 11th Ave SW, Room G015A,B,C, Olympia, WA 98504.

Our topic will be “Exploring Emotions in the Workplace.”

Emotions are part of our make up as human beings, yet it's become a norm to "leave our emotions at the door" when we come to work. But is that reasonable? And if we are going to welcome people bring their "whole selves to work" then what about the emotional aspects of our humanity? At A Human Workplace Olympia we will explore questions related to human emotions in the workplace. 

  • What are feelings and emotions? 

  • What beneficial role can these play at work? And what can be the down side of emotions? 

  • How can we manage these dynamics to both welcome whole people and achieve our best performance? 

  • What skills do leaders and team members need for emotions to be effective in the workplace? 

Register on EventBrite here to attend A Human Workplace Olympia. 

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A Human Workplace Olympia meets September 27th

Save the date for A Human Workplace Olympia’s gathering in September co-hosted by the Latino Leadership Network (LLN) and Washington Immigrant Network (WIN) to learn about the experiences of colleagues in the workplace who are impacted by immigration discussions and policies and to learn how to support them day to day. Putting politics aside, many people we work with are facing uncertainty for loved ones, potential hardships, abuse, and social rejection. What does it mean to love and care for our colleagues facing hate and fears?

Location: Helen Sommers Building, Washington State Capitol, 106-11th Ave SW, Room# G015 A,B,C, Olympia, WA 98504

Registration will open in early September.

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to Oct 2

Lean Government Summit in Ottawa October 1 and 2

Honored to be speaking at the Lean Government Summit in Ottawa. This event brings together global public servants and thought leaders to share breakthroughs in delivering products and services through improved processes, innovation and energized people.

Featuring a range of speakers and subject matter designed to address the top issues of current and aspiring Lean government practitioners.

Detailed agenda will coming soon.

Registration here.


Réunissant des fonctionnaires et des leaders d’opinions de partout dans le monde pour partager des percées en matière de prestation de produits et services grâce à des processus améliorés, l’innovation et des employés motivés.

Large éventail de conférenciers et de sujets abordant les enjeux auxquels font face les praticiens Lean actuels et émergents.

Programme détaillé à venir.

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to Oct 9

A Human Workplace Olympia Meets at Lean Conference in October

A Human Workplace is proud to be participating the Washington State Government Lean Transformation Conference again this year. The October gathering of A Human Workplace will take place at the conference on Day 1 and we will share a breakout session on Make Work More Human on Day 2.

Location: Washington State Government Lean Transformation Conference, Tacoma-Pierce County Convention Center, Tacoma, WA

Registration: Open to all attendees at the Lean Conference who can register here.

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Talk at Networking Event for the Olympia Chapter of the Association for Training and Development

Sharing the importance of making work more human as the foundation for continuous improvement with people in the fields of training, coaching, performance improvement, human resources, leadership development, and organizational development. This group meets monthly in Olympia to network, exchange ideas, resources, leads, and enjoy good company! They welcome anyone and everyone who may be interested -- from the seasoned veterans to those just getting into the field of training and development.

Location: The Mark – Tiki Room, 407 Columbia St SW, Olympia, WA 98501

Register here.

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to Dec 5

Lean in the Public Sector 2019 Conference Workshops and Keynote in Dublin

On the 3rd of December 2019 Ireland will welcome the Lean in Public Sector international community to Dublin to host their annual 4-day event and bring together national & international thought leaders from Government to discuss the adoption of Lean Principles.

The goal of the Lean in Public Sector International Conference is to better meet the public demand and dramatically improve the process of Government as well as encouraging the development of people through the introduction of Lean. To achieve this, the LIPS Community are developing new principles and methods of Lean efficiencies which will be shared, discussed and debated at this years Lean in Public Sector Conference taking place in Dublin, Ireland.

Lean in Public Sector (LIPS) organize an annual conference, held in various parts of the world, offering a unique opportunity for sharing, debating, and celebrating experiences on Lean in the public sector from all over the Globe.

This unique International Public Sector event will take place over 4 days in 2019 and will be held in Dublin, Ireland:

  • Day 1: Workshop Day (Croke Park Stadium)

  • Day 2: Conference Day (Croke Park Stadium)

  • Day 3: Conference Day (Croke Park Stadium)

  • Day 4: Gemba Walks (To be announced)

More information can be found here.

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A Human Workplace Seattle Meets for July 19th Gathering

A Human Workplace Seattle meets July 19th from 10:30 a.m .– 12:30 p.m. at the Seattle Municipal Tower, Room 1600 to explore the topic of inclusion.

Join this gathering to discuss and learn more about these questions: What is inclusion and how does it relate to diversity and equity? And how do we practice inclusion in our work lives for the benefit of all? Using Liberating Structures, we’ll interactively and lovingly explore more deeply our relationship with ourselves and how our own origin stories propel how we interact in the world.

Co-hosted by Marcus Stubblefield and Christina Change, this will be the first of two sessions to explore inclusion during July and August.

Please register on EventBrite here if you plan to attend.

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A Human Workplace Olympia Meets June 28

Join co-hosts Ellis Starrett and Anne Hansen to explore psychological safety, which is foundational to the success of any human workplace.

Based on the research and teachings of Harvard University’s Dr. Amy Edmondson, we will explore what psychological safety is, the impact on teams in the workplace, and behaviors that create and maintain psychological safety with others. This will be a thought provoking and highly interactive experience.

Register today to reserve your seat for this gathering. When you register, your email will be added to the mailing list for A Human Workplace.

We welcome all participants; please let us know if you need accommodations. Email Renee.Smith@gov.wa.gov with your specific needs. Thank you and we look forward to you joining us.

To learn more on Psychological Safety check out these links:

  • A short video with Amy Edmondson explaining concepts of psychological safety.

  • A 30 minute podcast on the subject

  • Academic publication of Amy’s research on psychological safety if you really want to dig into the research! ;)

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A Human Workplace Olympia

Join us for a Human Workplace Olympia to learn and explore psychological safety. We meet at the Helen Sommers Building, 106 11th Avenue SW, Room G015, Olympia, WA 98504. For more information and to register check out the details here. This gathering builds on the May gathering when we explored Psychological Safety, but is not a repeat nor do you have to have attended the last one to participate this time. Please join us!

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to Jun 21

A Human Workplace Seattle meets June 21st


Gratitude is universal – words of thanks are present in every language and many cultures have rituals, symbols, practices, and celebrations to express their thanks, appreciation and gratitude.

At this gathering, we will explore expressions of gratitude and how gratitude allows us to be present in the world and acknowledge others’ presence in the world. Our exploration will include the personal and professional benefits of expressing gratitude. We’ll also try out a couple of practices that cultivate gratefulness and talk about how to make our workplaces more grateful.

Join us on Friday June 21, 2019 from 1:30 pm – 3:30 pm, at 5009 Roosevelt Way N.E. , Seattle, WA 98105.

This meeting is an open, safe, and welcoming space for all. We want everyone to feel included in this conversation because we all have so much to learn from each other to makes us more loving humans.

Register today to reserve your seat for this gathering.

When you register, your email will be added to the mailing list for A Human Workplace Seattle. For more information check out www.MakeWorkMoreHuman.com

We welcome all participants; please email us to request accommodations and let us know your specific needs at humanworkplaceseattle@gmail.com

Thank you and we look forward to you joining us!

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A Human Workplace Seattle Holds First Gathering

Good news!! We are thrilled to announce that A Human Workplace Seattle hold its first gathering on May 17 from 10 a.m. to 12 noon at the Seattle Municipal Tower.

Bad news: The gathering is already sold out! :(

But the good news is this tells us that interest and need for this community and gathering in Seattle is high. And we need to find a larger venue! We are working on that.

Meanwhile, if you’d like to be placed on a waiting list for May 17 or on the Seattle mailing list for future gatherings, please send an email to humanworkplaceseattle@gmail.com

What to expect at A Human Workplace Seattle

A Human Workplace community gathers to explore, learn, and encourage each other to better practice and advocate for a more loving, human workplace. We are a growing community of like-minded people in Seattle-King County who want to learn, share, and be challenged to to be more human-centered in our work. The focus of A Human Workplace is to shift from fear-based to love-based leadership and teams where real value is delivered and improvement happens continually out of care for people.

Plans for the First Gathering

At the May 17 first gathering, participants will be introduced to A Human Workplace and explore the two primary human emotions - love and fear. Love at work is experienced as acceptance, respect and a sense of belonging. Fear at work is experienced as indifference, rejection, uncertainty and worry. How do we scare people at work? How do we create workplaces that embrace loving, human-centered leadership and teams? Renee Smith, founder of A Human Workplace, will share the origin story of this movement.

Regular host is and lead organizer is Jeannie Macnab and co-hosts are Christina Chang, Marcus Stubblefield and Judy Wells.

The Way We Gather

This community is an open, safe, and welcoming space for all. The goal is for everyone to feel included in this conversation because we all have so much to learn from each other to make us more loving humans. A Human Workplace gathering is characterized by relationships, reflection, dialogue, and active exploration. Don’t expect to be talked at but expect to talk with each other to discover and affirm what’s most important about being human together at work and beyond.

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